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The Talismanic Necklace - Award Winner

The Talismanic Necklace - Award Winner

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. 14K Rose Gold

. 0.08CT 15pcs Diamonds

. 0.01CT Ruby

. Main Motif : 40X90mm

. Lenght : 85cm


A' Design Award Competiton 2016

Experience the enchantment of the Talismanic Shirt-inspired necklace, reminiscent of the protective garments worn by the Ottoman Sultans.

These shirts were adorned with handwritten symbols, shrouded in mystery and still awaiting their secrets to be unraveled.

The original talismanic shirts are proudly displayed in the Treasury Department of the Topkapı Palace.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of this symbolic masterpiece, embodying the essence of both prestige and protection.

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