The talismanic shirts found in the Ottoman Sultan’s Treasure Collection at Topkapi Palace are particularly noteworthy for their unique design and mystical significance. These shirts were believed to offer protection to their wearers from both illness and enemies. The inscriptions found on the shirts are from the Qur'an and various prayers, and they were likely created through a collaboration between astrologers and theologians. Today, the cryptic codes found on the shirts continue to fascinate and inspire curiosity, making this collection a must-see for anyone interested in the mystic traditions of the past.
DIV's talismanic jewelry collection draws inspiration from the mystical and protective qualities of talismanic shirts. The jewelry pieces feature intricate designs and inscriptions from sacred texts believed to bring good luck and protection to the wearer. Each piece is crafted with a deep understanding of the significance of these symbols and codes, representing a unique connection to the spiritual traditions of the past. Discover the magic and mystery of talismanic jewelry with DIV.