Terms of Guarantee

Warranty Conditions

Gülşah Sürel Mimarlık San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (“House of DIV”) offers warranty for production and material defects on products bought from its own stores (including the online shop www.houseofdiv.com) or authorized dealers. The warranty only covers defects that are: not caused by accidents, inappropriate usage, wear and tear as a result of normal usage, poor use, change, repair attempts, neglect or not following product use suggestions; according to House of Div or the authorized dealer.
In order for the warranty conditions to be valid, make sure to control the product at cargo delivery. In case you detect any damage, inappropriateness, defect, file a report and do not accept the product. Any changes on the product, deformation of the product or degradation of the products’ original design are not covered by the warranty.

Within the scopes of this warranty, every piece deamed defected might be subject to the following at the discretion of House of Div or the authorized dealer:
1. If available, change with the same product.
2. Change with equivalent product.
3. Repair according the degree of damage, possibility of repair and availibility of spare parts.
The damaged product needs to be delivered to House of Div or the authorized dealer together with all purchased additional and promotional products. In case the products are sent via postal services, they need to be insured and sent via certified or registered mail. House of DIV is not responsible for any damages, losses or thefts caused during transportation.

This warranty service is free of charge. Please keep the purchase or delivery bill, gift certificate or certificate of origin for the case of any warranty request. A receipt or certificate is a proof of purchase and originality for purchased products and serves as evidence for the usage of this warranty.
House of DIV, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to make any changes and adaptations to the warranty conditions for future applications stated here at any given time.

Return Policy

You can return products purchased from the www.houseofdiv.com address within 15 days of delivery and be reimbursed for the full amount you payed.

In order to use this option, the decision of recant needs to be mailed to the info@houseofdiv.com address within this 15 day period. You may use the communication form, send a mail to info@houseofdiv.com and call the number (+90 212) 274 28 52
In case you realize a return process without the approval on www.houseofdiv.com, your return process and your delivery will not be accepted.

Products which have been produced or changed or added on according the consumers’ special requests and demands and therefore have been personalized cannot be returned.

Orders that you want to return need to be sent to the given address as they have been delivered, with the product, invoice, waybill, certificate, insurance forms and if present, promotional products in full. Taxes and any legal obligations will not be returned if the original invoice is not sent.

Returned products cannot be changed with the same or equivalent product. A new online order needs to be placed anew.