Generally speaking and no matter what its composition, a precious jewel is delicate and should be treated with the greatest care. A few simple actions and precautions will help you maintain the beauty and radiance of your jewelry.

When not worn, each jewel should be put away separately, so that the stones and metals do not rub against or scratch each other. We recommend you keep your jewelry in its original case for protection.

When you are wearing it, we recommend you avoid knocks that could affect the quality of your jewelry. It is therefore preferable to not wear your jewels when you are swimming, at the beach or engaged in sports.

Rings demand particular care and attention: we advise you to remove them when you wash your hands or are engaged in a manual activity. It is also recommended to avoid friction.

Most jewels can be cleaned to intensify their sparkle: gently scrub them with a very soft brush dipped into soapy water, then carefully rinse them and delicately dry them with a soft, non-lint cloth. Attention, this cleaning procedure is not advised for pearls and emeralds.

If you have any doubts about the state of your jewelry, we advise you to stop wearing it and have it seen by a specialist; the House of DIV will be happy to welcome you and inspect your jewels.


Although, thanks to its maximum score of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, the diamond can only be scratched by another diamond, it is still necessary to be very careful because it is nonetheless a fragile stone. It is best to avoid any knocks. A diamond can easily scratch another metal, precious stone or diamond: we recommend you avoid any friction between them.

A diamond can be cleaned with water mixed with any soap liquid and rinsed in clear hot water. To dry it, gently rub it with a non-lint cloth: this will restore its original radiance.

If this is not enough and impurities remain, it is possible to plunge the diamond into boiling water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

We recommend you have your jeweler inspect your diamond at least once every two years and every time you have any doubts about its state.


Because of its inclusions, the emerald is a fragile stone and very sensitive to knocks, it requires special attention. Unlike the other precious stones, it may demand specific care.

It is recommended to avoid exposing the stone to the sun’s rays, to strong heat conditions and temperature swings. Avoid any contact with chemicals, such as those included in cleaning products.


Cultured pearls are living organisms that naturally revitalize in the open air. Although relatively resistant to knocks they need special attention due to their sensitive porous surface. This means avoiding contact between the pearl and any chemicals, detergents or beauty products such as cosmetics and fragrances.

It is recommended to frequently clean pearls by gently wiping them with a soft cloth and by putting them away separately in their designated case.


Your setting, whether it is in gold or platinum, can be damaged by the number of small knocks it is submitted to when you wear it. We recommend you be aware of this and remove your jewels when you are engaged in an activity that may damage or wear them down. Stones are the most likely to scratch the settings: it is preferable to wear your rings in such a way that the stones and metal do not rub together and to store your jewels individually in their own cases.

Gold and platinum can be cleaned in soapy water.

When they are dull or scratched, gold and platinum jewels can be re-polished: this will restore their original sparkle. White gold must also be applied a new coat of rhodium to bring back its color and shine.